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Brand and Growth Coaching Services


In today’s tough sales climate, retailers have exceedingly high demands of their product vendors, with the bar to getting on shelves increasingly being raised with each passing season.


We are pleased to introduce to the market a Brand and Growth Coaching Service that addresses this challenge. This new service leverages senior level retail merchandising experience to help small-to-mid-size consumer product manufacturers and wholesalers gain a competitive marketplace advantage and grow sales and profits.


We have designed the service for companies in the Gift, Food, Housewares, Health and Beauty, Fashion and Accessories, Home Décor, Pet, Stationery, Outdoors, Gift Basket, and Promotional categories who have made this their primary source of income.

We Can Help You

Our retail experts provide guidance, counsel, and resources to help you achieve  your business goals, resolve your critical questions and issues, identify new opportunites and selling channels, and ultimately grow sales and profits.


Specific areas we can help you include:


o Setting strategic direction and developing a customized Strategic Plan and Sales Growth Road Map

o Teaching you tricks on how to increase your ability to get your products on retailer shelves

o Assessing the effectiveness of your product lines and packaging, and developing new product ideas

o Improving the financial payback on exhibiting at trade shows

o Expanding your product production capacities and lowering production costs

o Evaluating whether to utilize a distributor or outside sales rep

o Develop a plan to grow your e-commerce and direct-to-consumer business

o Enhancing your social media programs and marketing plans
o Establish performance goals, product cost and price parameters, and sales estimates

Our services are designed to deliver actionable results and value, including:


Driving meaningful sales and profit growth

o Gaining a competitive advantage, as we work with a limited number of companies at one time

o Freeing up more of your time to focus on product creation and promoting your brand

o Gaining critical and actionable knowledge and insight into industry best practices

o Avoiding having to add an expensive on-staff person

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