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New Items on Demand Service

In today’s tough retail climate, customers increasingly expect retailers to offer unique and interesting products that excite and delight them, introduced on a more frequent basis, in order to part with their hard earned disposable income. 


We are pleased to introduce to the market a turn-key service with a guaranteed number of monthly new product ideas that solves these issues.  This service leverages innovative product selection expertise to significantly increase the flow of unique new items spanning numerous product categories.


Product Categories We Specialize In:


We source for most product categories, including but not limited to Gift, Specialty Food, Housewares, Health and Beauty, Fashion Accessories and Jewelry, Home Décor, Pet, Stationery, Outdoors and Garden, Gift Baskets, and Promotional.

How It Works

We follow a simple six step process for delivering great new product ideas for your consideration:


1.  You select a Service Tier based on a guaranteed minimum number of new items per month and the level of vendor follow-through you need


2. We mutually establish new item parameters, customized for your business, for key attributes such as brand and audience fit, product category, margin, and price point


3. We identify a pool of product ideas sourced from a wide variety of venues, including trade-shows, websites and blogs, vendors and distributors, and many other “hidden” networks


4. We send on a weekly basis Product Slides for recommended items that contain the key product elements, including visual(s), unique selling proposition, item description/detail, MSRP, and vendor


5. You review the Product Slides and we discuss any questions


6. We follow-up on items that you are interested in, with the level of detail based on the service level you select


Full service option available where wefollow-up on all submitted items you are interested in pursuing.  Follow-up includes securing item cost and minimum order quantities, identifying item distribution and logistics, and facilitating sample requests and new item/vendor paperwork.

Service Is Ideal For

We have designed the service for companies who:


Are looking for a fresh point of view and perspective


Want to increase the quantity and pace of new item introductions


Need Buyer help and can’t or don’t want to add on-staff and pay the high fixed cost


Have a Buyer position open and are looking for help until the position is filled


Want to test new product categories and concepts without making a fixed investment in merchandising staff


Currently sell products on a limited scale or don’t sell products at all, and want to add a new source of revenue

Product Criteria

All products we present will meet the following criteria in order to qualify as an acceptable recommendation:


1. Product aligns with agreed upon new item parameters


2. Product is “off the shelf” and does not require product development or private label


3. Product is available for wholesale purchase


4. Product is being distributed into the United States


5. Product is an active item in the vendor’s assortment and/or is available to be ordered


6. Product is not currently offered for sale by you

The Benefits

We work solely on your behalf, unlike brokers or sales reps, as an extension of your merchandising team


We are less expensive than hiring on-staff, as you avoid the expensive fixed salary and the corresponding health care benefits, payroll taxes, and travel costs


We ensure that all items we present meet your new item parameters and thus have a higher likelihood of success


We are focused on finding products 24/7 and have expertise across most product categories with deep vendor networks in order to find items not in mass distribution


No long term commitments, as our service operates on a flexible month-to-month basis


Quicker time to market, as you can be up and running in a matter of weeks with ongoing product ideas


A guaranteed number of product ideas at a fixed cost


We free up your time to focus on product positioning and assortment review instead of process


We bring a fresh perspective and point of view that will generate incremental revenue

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