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How We Price

We offer several different pricing models to best meet your business needs!

New Items on Demand

This is a monthly service, with pricing based on a guaranteed minimum number of new product ideas per month that match your new item parameters:


Starter Tier:  $4,000/month for a minimum of 40 new items per month (420 items/year) - similar to the cost of an Assistant Buyer


Starter Tier + Follow Up:  $5,500/month for a minimum of 40 new items per month (420 items/year) plus follow-up on all submitted items you are interested in pursuing.  Follow-up includes securing item cost and minimum order quantities, identifying item distribution and logistics, and facilitating sample requests and new item/vendor paperwork.


Please contact for pricing for additional service tiers.


There is no long-term commitment, with the service on a rolling month-to-month agreement with a 30 Day written opt-out. You can move back and forth between service levels. Service Agreement starts upon sign-off of New Item Parameters. First set of new item ideas will be provided within two weeks from start of Agreement.

Brand and Growth Coaching


Fixed Price Option

Per project fee, with dollar amount based on scope of project tied to Project Proposal.


Variable Price Option

$175 per worked hour to assist you in working through any business related issues, with discounted daily rates available.

Strategic Planning, Gross Margin Improvement, Private Label Development, New Category Creation, Assortment Planning

Pricing for each service is available on either a variable hourly/daily consulting rate or as a fixed project fee, either on a one-time basis or a monthly retainer, with a firm price quote provided after a discovery conversation.



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