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Additional Retail Merchandising Solutions

We offer a full range of innovative services that are designed to accomplish two main goals - grow your sales and profits!

Gross Margin Improvement

In every company we have looked at, there is consistently an untapped 2-5 points of sustainable gross margin that can be quickly realized through time-tested gross margin improvement techniques.


How It Works:

1. We calculate and analyze the net product margin for each product over the past 12-24 months


2. We identify the items where the margins are too low and quantify the lost profit opportunity


3. We develop an immediate tactical plan to fix the low margin items with actionable recommendations


4. We train your staff on how to implement best practices and execute the set of recommendations


You Benefit By:

o Growing your operating profits

o Injecting additional cash into your business

o Opening up new product opportunites



New Category Creation

The retail companies that consistently deliver strong sales growth are continually developing and testing new product categories and concepts.


How It Works:

1. We help brainstorm potential new category and sub-category product opportunities that align with your brand positioning and customer audience profile


2. We size up the revenue and profit potentials and help you prioritize which ideas to test first


3. We develop a Test and Rollout Strategy


4. We help you identify test products and vendors


5. We assist in executing the Plans


You Benefit By:

o Creating a future sales growth pipeline

o Maximizing the creativity of your merchandising team

o Developing a replicable new category creation process


Private Label Development

Creating a successful private label program can be extremely time consuming and complicated. We have the expertise to help you develop an extremely profitable, sustainable program.


How It Works:

1. We help you identify items and product lines that are viable candidates for private labeling


2. We recommend manufacturing partners and help you negotiate the most beneficial terms


3. We develop an Action Plan for getting the products produced and help you execute the Plan


4. We develop a set of best practices and protocols, and train your staff on how to implement the practices.


You Benefit By:

o Growing your gross margins and operating profits

o Offering customers more exclusive products

o Opening up new item and product category opportunites



Assortment Planning

A successful merchandising program starts with a well conceived assortment plan, which provides a blueprint for execution. 


How It Works:

1. We review your category, sub-category, and item level history to identify trends and opportunities


2. We develop rolling category and sub-category plans which include new and pickup item goals, and projections for sales, units, gross margin, and variable contribution


3. We provide a set of recommendations on how to implement the Plans


4. We develop a set of best practices and protocols, and train your staff on how to implement the practices


You Benefit By:

o Growing your sales and operating profits

o Freeing up your staff to work on other projects

o Optimizing inventory levels




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