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Your World-Class Merchandising Solutions


What if we told you:


As a retailer, we could provide you with a constant flow of unique items, sourced from local, regional, national, and international vendors, specifically vetted for your brand while costing you less per item to source than you could do yourself?


As a manufacturer and wholesaler, we could help you develop new products and grow your annual sales revenue, at an affordable cost.


Would you be interested?


We are the company to help you achieve success through our innovative merchandising services.   Founded by top retail merchandising experts, we are 100% focused on providing solutions that deliver sustainable sales and profit growth. 

New Item Selection and Curation

New Items on Demand Service



Product Producer and Wholesaler Solutions






Brand and Growth Coaching


Additional Merchandising
Gross Margin Improvement
Assortment Planning
Private Label Development
New Category Creation
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